Resolving the Resolutions


We all know January resolutions don’t last a life time! So it’s February and the faddy resolutions are over. What’s left?

After another bad night with the little one and the second coffee before 11am fuelled by a cereal bar, I feel drained, lethargic and hungover from life. Also my knees are stiff!
My half hearted efforts; almond milk, protein cereal bars, posh muesli, coffee, it’s no longer enough.
So join me as I slowly try but by bit to be slightly more deliciously Ella way as I’m definitely more ‘ Tired Out Ella’.
So can Pilates and eating in a completely different way make me feel better inside and out?
There is a lot of Internet research and super food plant eaters says yes.
Now even Jamie Oliver is on board, it must be serious!
So I’m in, I rely on my hot coffee and cold gin and tonics to warm the soul. I’m a tad concerned as to how porridge and chia pudding will replace my steaming hot cuppa and borderline medicinal gin!
This is by no means a diet- I do not advocate such things. It’s small changes which I hope to make a big difference.
The next post in this series will be all about shopping for the right foods!
Have you made small changes that made a big difference to your life?
How is your chia pudding?

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