At the time of writing I have three boys; imageRupert, George and Henry. They are all under three. That’s right: three babies, three years.
Yes it is nearly a football team, yes it is chaos but what is life without a bit of chaos?
‘Quiet’ I hear you cry!
Well, as a result of other parents seeing our brood and trying to work out the age gaps, I quite often get asked what brands and products are my essentials and I often reel off a few things that have been in consistent use.
Namely the Gro Bag. We have several in different togs and sizes. When we moved over from the Gro Swaddle to the Gro Bag, I didn’t have the fear he could wriggle his arms inside thanks to the ingenious safety feature, the poppers under the arms.
In this hot weather spell, the Gro Egg. Those clever hens at Gro created a thermometer that has a colour changing feature so you can, very, very slowly open their door, minding that creaky floor board, peek in, and see the yellow light that says the temperature is perfect. The glow also is a great night light, especially with those very cool covers!
The sheet Gro Bag has been a revelation to us. This summer our friends’ new arrivals have all received a sheet Gro Bag, made from lightweight cotton. My youngest Henry, eight months, has the security of his sleeping bag but its light enough so he won’t get too hot.
After experiencing ventures away with all three children to pack for, I do quite often think the boot is never going to close. Fortunately the handy bag the black-out blind comes with is perfect. You just fold it up and it nicely compacts, making more room for all the other things we have to take. Ours is a permanent feature in these lighter months. Just because it’s still sunny at 7pm doesn’t mean it isn’t bedtime!
The travel Gro Bag’s design is marvellous! With detachable sleeves, it gives the ability to pop my three in the car seat ready for bed and pop the seat belt through the holes. Then upon arrival, with baited breath: there’s the transfer to bed. Sadly I don’t think even the people at Gro can guarantee that one!
Our most recent arrival, Henry, arrived in a very chilly November. Once he had outgrown his swaddle I could not say no to the very cute penguin print Gro Suits. The quilted arms meant he kept nice and snug. I’ll be getting these again for this winter too.
Henry modelling three Gro Bags! image
Well done The Gro Company, thank you for making our sleep-deprived lives just that bit easier with your very clever products. Bravo to you! Or, as our first born would say, “you did actual really well!”
Our next venture is moving our eldest into a bed, bearing in mind he still moves around a lot. I’m eyeing that Gro to Bed in the ridiculously cute blue stripes. A stay on duvet is just what he needs at this wriggly stage. I wonder if the people at Gro would make a king size one for people like me who live with a duvet-hogger. I’m talking about you Mr D!

All products can be found via the The Gro Company Website

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