‘It gets easier’ and other lies

By baby number four, I can confidently say I have nailed the newborn business. Feeding, although tricky I knew what to expect… Well until the health visitor waded in!

I was confident that the feed, wind, change, sleep routine was a winner.
Sleep deprivation; it’s completely shit. As I never recovered from it first, second, third time round and as a functioning insomniac that dark road felt familiar under foot.
Yet at 8 months; I’m sitting on the bed having precious baby snuggles whilst deafening myself with white noise in order for my little lamb to ‘go the fuck to sleep’. If you haven’t read that book I suggest you visit a book seller and order it immediately! I then suggest you listen to the audio on YouTube narrated by Samuel.L.Jackson. *Warning* this is not for little ears!
So no, it doesn’t get easier, ┬áthe challenges are just different. I’m more relaxed in some respects yet I still worry she isn’t crawling yet. That my eldest still won’t ‘go the fuck to the sleep’. About all three of their handwriting, their reading, their maths, the fact they forget their manners!

Yet, when they are all asleep and snuffling away…and as I down…I mean sip my gin and tonic I think today, I actually did ok!

What lies have you been told about parenting?

Have you overcome any challenges?


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